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Dollar🌳 Christmas Diy 

I would have to say around Spring 2019 the Dollar🌳 wood houses hit the store. They became a hit on all the Facebook Dollar 🌳 Diy groups. Projects using these little houses consumed the Diy feed. Quite honestly I wasn't impressed with them and at that time there wasn't anything that I really wanted to do with them. So I bought them anyway and threw them in my closet. So now were on to a new season and upcoming holidays and my mind started to click . I decided these boxes were going to be used exclusively for Christmas. Using the boxes and ornaments from Dollar🌳 I created this unique Christmas decor piece. The boxes were sprayed in Rust-Oleum Serenity blue and Chiffon creme. The trees were also sprayed in blue. Glitter was added to them. Using the star stickers from Dt I painted them in a acrylic paint and hot glued them to top of tree. The reindeer stayed as is. I added ribbon from Micheals on the reindeer. Sweet, simple diy with a touch of elegance.

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