Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”– Dr. Seuss



Creativiy has run through my blood since I was a child. I blame it on a overactive mind. Constantly planning, thinking and wondering. I created this blog site to share and inspire others. My heart and soul is poured out in every project I create. It's my addiction for sure. A lot of people ask me how I have time to make all these projects. To answer that question I'm pretty fortunate to have a job that lets be home at really decent hour. Downfall is the very early wake up call. Really can't complain. Everything I do in my life I give it 100%. Maybe that's why I've been with my employer for almost 29 years. I definitely live in a house of substance. My live in boyfriend also creates but on a much higher scale then me. Makes for a happy life. Thanks for visiting

  • Teresa Bezold

Dollar🌳 Christmas Diy 

I would have to say around Spring 2019 the Dollar🌳 wood houses hit the store. They became a hit on all the Facebook Dollar 🌳 Diy groups. Projects using these little houses consumed the Diy feed. Quite honestly I wasn't impressed with them and at that time there wasn't anything that I really wanted to do with them. So I bought them anyway and threw them in my closet. So now were on to a new season and upcoming holidays and my mind started to click . I decided these boxes were going to be used exclusively for Christmas. Using the boxes and ornaments from Dollar🌳 I created this unique Christmas decor piece. The boxes were sprayed in Rust-Oleum Serenity blue and Chiffon creme. The trees were also sprayed in blue. Glitter was added to them. Using the star stickers from Dt I painted them in a acrylic paint and hot glued them to top of tree. The reindeer stayed as is. I added ribbon from Micheals on the reindeer. Sweet, simple diy with a touch of elegance.

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