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Creativiy has run through my blood since I was a child. I blame it on a overactive mind. Constantly planning, thinking and wondering. I created this blog site to share and inspire others. My heart and soul is poured out in every project I create. It's my addiction for sure. A lot of people ask me how I have time to make all these projects. To answer that question I'm pretty fortunate to have a job that lets be home at really decent hour. Downfall is the very early wake up call. Really can't complain. Everything I do in my life I give it 100%. Maybe that's why I've been with my employer for almost 29 years. I definitely live in a house of substance. My live in boyfriend also creates but on a much higher scale then me. Makes for a happy life. Thanks for visiting

  • Teresa Bezold

Carrot Reverse Canvas

Updated: Mar 9

So in love with this idea that I created, especially the simplicity. Reverse canvas was used to make this adorable frame. I will list instructions for those of you who are not familiar. Using a Dollar Tree 8x10 stretched canvas I removed the canvas. The unfinished wood frame was stained. Once dry I attached the canvas back on frame. Using my Cricut machine I created the letters and numbers with black vinyl, the font is called KYDEN on Cricut Design. Since my Samsung phone doesn't have a cent symbol I cut out a "c" and "i" to make it. When there is will there is a way. To complete the frame I added the jute carrots from Dollar tree with Elmer's glue. I've caused quite a "Carrot Stir" with this project, carrot signs everywhere now🥕


Reverse Canvas Technique 1. Pick yourself up a stretched canvas. 2. First step is removing the canvas. Razor, box cutter or X-acto knife is your best bet. Slice at all side edges. Carefully remove canvas and put to side. With the canvas being white I suggest keeping it away from anywhere it can get messed up. You dont want dirty fingers either. 3. Once canvas is removed you now have a unfinished wood frame. You can either paint or stain it. I prefer to stain it. Make sure to give the frame a light sanding before applying the stain. 4. Don't worry about the staples in back of frame. I do however remove all pieces of canvas that were left over from removing. 5. Once your canvas is to your liking and wood frame is completely dry you will now reattach the canvas to back of frame. Staple gun is by far the best way to attach. I like to shoot a staple in middle of each side first. Then give each side a nice tug and staple all other ends. Three staples per side is perfect. 6. Your next step is all on you. The possibilities are endless how you want to decorate your canvas. Hope this helped. Internet is also a resourceful place for tutorials on this



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