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Creativiy has run through my blood since I was a child. I blame it on a overactive mind. Constantly planning, thinking and wondering. I created this blog site to share and inspire others. My heart and soul is poured out in every project I create. It's my addiction for sure. A lot of people ask me how I have time to make all these projects. To answer that question I'm pretty fortunate to have a job that lets be home at really decent hour. Downfall is the very early wake up call. Really can't complain. Everything I do in my life I give it 100%. Maybe that's why I've been with my employer for almost 29 years. I definitely live in a house of substance. My live in boyfriend also creates but on a much higher scale then me. Makes for a happy life. Thanks for visiting

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My 2020 Late Spring/Summer tiered tray

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

So pleased with how this came out. The theme is "Home" which is so appropriate for the times were in right now. I included several decor diys to the tray also. Only essential shopping for me so I'm lucky to have a lot of craft supplies readily available at home. It's also great having a boyfriend who has a ton of reclaimed wood for projects. I'm always stealing his wood. He cut me some small pieces so I could create a mini book stack and wood decor house. They were the perfect size for my tray. I also created a mini decor frame and decorative white washed terra cotta pots. I used several Dollar Tree items I already had at home to incorporate in my projects. Decorating a tier tray can be quite time consuming. It also doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist, so I will drive myself nuts until I get it right. Many times I've had to step away from the tray🤣 My next tray won't be till Fall so I have plenty of time to come up with ideas. Thank you all for your interest and support in my diy's. Surely means a lot. Please stay safe and sane.

Reclaimed wood was cut in small pieces for both these projects. To make the mini wood book stack each small block was painted in sheepskin chalk paint from FolkArt. Once dry I lightly distressed the edges with sandpaper. Using Dollar Tree jute twine I wrapped it a few times around the book stack and tied it at top with a little bow. As a accent I trimmed some Walmart lamb's ear petals so they would fit perfectly on top of book. The petals were attached with hot glue and the wood blocks were glued together with wood glue. My boyfriend cut out the small wood house shape for me. I wet distressed it with the same chalkpaint as above. Jute twine was wrapped around also. The little "Home Sweet Home" came from a decorative shadow box from Dollar Tree. That was wood glued to house.

This mini wood sign which was a perfect fit for my tray. It was made with a small piece of reclaimed wood. I gave it a light coat of sheepskin chalk paint to distress it. The metal home word came off a decorative sign from Dollar Tree. I sprayed it in white linen chalk paint from Rust-Oleum.

This little decorative frame was created with a 2x3 wood frame from Dollar Tree. I gave it a light coat of sheepskin chalk paint from FolkArt to distress it. The background of frame is patterned scrapbook paper. The accent on the frame is a dried flower that came from a Dollar Tree dried bouquet. To give the dry flower a little more detail I pulled the center off another faux flower and added it to the center of dry flower

The mini terra cotta pots came from Dollar Tree. I whitewashed each one using white chalk paint. Once dry they were distressed with sandpaper. I filled this particular pot with Dollar Tree Cat tails and Queens Anne's Lace. The burlap ribbon wrapped around the pot actually came from a Dollar Tree Easter dangle sign. The ribbon strips originally were used on back of Dt sign to keep all the pieces of sign attached.

This decorative mini terra cotta pot was filled with a Hobby Lobby Sola Juhi stem

This was a decorative clay ball from Dollar Tree that was originally in a dark brown. Using white chalk paint I distressed it

Here is a collage of all the Dollar tree items used for my diys. I also decorated the tray with light yellow mums from Dollar Tree.

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